Our Story: Welcome To Code (f.)

Our story started 20 odd years ago when we were both of a single digit age. It was evident, even at that tender age, that computer science was seen as a ‘male thing’ and a ‘geek thing’. Evidence suggests that there is differentiation as young as 6 as to what subjects are seen as ‘masculine’ and what are ‘feminine’.  We understand that some subjects naturally would be more male dominated if they rely on physical strength and power but this is certainly not the case with computer science and in particular, programming.

Fast forward 20 years to a balmy spring evening. We were enjoying our chilled beverages after work when we thought we would try to change this; Code (f.) was born. Our mission is to inspire and develop women in technology to become speakers in their chosen field, to learn new programming languages and to meet like minded individuals. We aim to do this through social events, speaker meetups and teaching at grass root levels in schools.

If you are interested in helping out either through organising or being a speaker, please do get in touch here.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event

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