Our mission is to inspire and develop women in technology to become speakers in their chosen field, to learn new programming languages and to meet like minded individuals. We aim to do this through social events, speaker meetups and teaching at grass root levels in schools.


The aim of the group is to provide a platform for women developers (particularly Java developers) that can come together to learn from each other and provide support.

If you are interested in helping to organise/sponsor/speak at one of our events, please do get in touch with us here

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This group has been founded in 2017 by Lara Nyman.


Our Inaugural Meetup

28th September Code(f.) members flocked to our host and sponsors, Equal Experts, for our inaugural meetup. We were very fortunate to have an international conference speaker, Katharine Beaumont (@katharineCodes), presenting on “Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence”. The presentation got off to a good start with a quote from Ian Goodfellow et al’s book, “Deep Learning” …


We are very fortunate to have the following sponsors helping us to achieve our goals:

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